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Beyond Identity for DevOps

Add DevOps security to your Secure Workforce package


$3 / User / Month


Source Code Signing

Frictionless MFA - no passwords, one-time codes, or second device   Y
Stops git commits from non-authorized devices   Y
Beyond Identity Git Action to verify signature in CI/CD pipeline   Y

Key Management

Unmovable GPG Keys generated and stored in TPM of developer’s authorized device   Y
Developers can self-enroll in the Beyond Identity Authenticator and set up GPG keys   Y
Centralized Key Revocation   Y
Policies for which devices can generate keys   Y
Supports MacOS   Y

Code Provenance Checks

Immutable audit log every time key is created, deleted, or expired   Y
Immutable audit log of every source code commit signed   Y


Integration with Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket   Y


Additional Services

Professional Services


per day, must be used within 6 months

Premium Support


of list price
24/7, 365