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TEN: ISE Fireside Chat Recap

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Ransomware attacks climb every year, to the point where they are now occurring once every 11 seconds. Credential theft accounted for more than 89% of web application breaches, and phishing attacks increased by 44% across 2020. Hackers are only getting bolder and more persistent, showing that no company is safe from credential theft and fraud. How can security leaders protect their organizations from theft and breach, and how can we stop ransomware attacks? There is only one way: by eliminating passwords entirely.

Join Patrick McBride, Chief Marketing Officer at Beyond Identity, Mike Towers, Chief Information Security Officer at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and CEO and President of T.E.N., CEO and Chairman of ISE Talent, Marci McCarthy, as they discuss the future of ransomware and possible solutions, present threats and vulnerabilities, and the shortcomings of password-based authentication in the webinar below.